Bomb For Prom 6 Weeks Challenge

Are you PROM ready?

If you don't think so, come join us for this challenge and fill out this form. The best part is it's after school! Even if you didn't want to join this awesome and motivating challenge, we are offering discounted prices for students who'd like to get a monthly pass for the 4:10 pm & 5:10 pm until April 15th.

Bomb for Prom 6 Weeks Challenge

Challenge Duration: 6 weeks. Start Date is Monday, March 14th and ends Friday, April 22nd.

Purpose: The purpose of this challenge is to help young ladies feel good and look good for prom!

Measurements & Photos: March 1st to March 13th. Must come to the studio for measurements before challenge starts We'll be providing a simple meal plan for guidance to go along with your workout! 

Requirements: Must attend the class they choose, 3 times a week or if they miss their class, you can take any class at the studio. 

Fees: $10 to enter

Prize: All Winners win a Monthly Pass.

1st Place wins Prom Dress, Shoes, Hair & Make Up

2nd Place wins Hair & Make Up

3rd Place wins Make Up


To get your passes online or at the studio. Use code BOMBFORPROM4PM for the 4:10pm class & BOMBFORPROM5PM for the 5:10pm class

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